Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mod Mad Megan!!

I'm having a vintage splurge at the moment!  I saw this Butterick 4702 from 1968 on Etsy store Zip Zap Kap and knew I needed it.

 (LOVE the white one - but the yellow version worried me a little - it's a lot like LEGO!)

Made up in a very fine brick red wool (thank you 1st for Fabrics!) which was a ******* to work with on the sewing machine but a dream on the serger.

I found the two chunky, glossy black buttons on eBay - nice little babies and 60s originals and my only concession to modern day (sorry purists!!!) was an invisible zip.  Sorry but I just love them!

The dress, as per the pattern, wasn't lined - but my version is and as I plan to make more, I made a separate lining which snaps in on the shoulders with 2 little poppers.  Why make life harder than it needs to be?!

Although my toile was fine around the lady bump vicinity, the softness of this wool and those extreme 60s darts has left things all, well, a little *ahem* perky?!!  But no so bad that it isn't liveable with. Hoping you agree........!
The next make will have a little dart adaptation and maybe not be made up in such fine wool.

I used lace to hem the dress - mainly because it's cute, obviously, and I know it's there when I wear it.
But it also helps to make a tidy hem, avoiding a double turn which would look VERY messy on the right side of a dress made with such fine wool.  Much easier to apply the lace and then hand hem lace to fabric.

My only other adaptation was to shorten the dress by about 5 inches - it's much longer than suggested by the pattern illustrations.

And that's it - apart from a little apology for some shoddy photos - self portraits in a mirror under electric light - doesn't really lend to a successful shoot!

Here's the finished dress ...now if only I could put my right arm down and stop spoiling the line!!

UPDATE UPDATE - I've been wearing the dress today and here's a photo that shows a more accurate version of the colour....sorry about thelap creases - I'd been sitting in the car for quite a while.

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