Fabrics & Findings

Woolies Bargain!

 Look what I just bought for £2!!!  A skirt length of Neospun Jersey, still in its original packaging and with a £1.09 Woolworth's price label!  I bought it from someone from my home town, so I'm presuming it was bought at the same Woolies where I used to buy Slush Puppies and Pick n Mix :)  The zip and a garment label were also included.  The fabric is now washed and ready to whip up into a skirt.  It's probably a brighter red than I'd usually wear (no green top or I'd look JUST like a tomato!)  The joys of vintage fabric shopping!!

 Swoony Silk

Some things are born to be shared - but I won this on eBay and it's all mine!! It arrived this morning and it's mouthwateringly lovely.  Pure vintage silk with a fabulous floral print.  It's in perfect condition but just needs a little freshen.  It's 36" wide and 3.4 yards long - but what to make........any suggestions welcomed!

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