Vintage Pattern Gallery

Some of my lovely vintage pattern stash!

This 60s Butterick patterns is the first vintage patern I ever bought - and they saw me coming!  There are way too many pieces missing to make anything sensible.  Maybe one day I'll draft up the missing bits.

How fabulously Mad Men is this?!  I just bought some gorgeous ponte roma jersey in a french navy for this - can't wait to get working on it!  By the way, am I the only person offended by the size of vintage pattern I have to buy?!

And speaking of a stash of fabric waiting to be cut n sewn, I've some fabulously soft, fine wool in a deep brick red/burgundy ready to make the view on the right of this baby.  Just hoping to recreate the slenderness of the white dress - that yellow one is looking all a bit chunky, don't you think?

No - you're not seeing double!  These McCalls ladies really are dressed in the same fabrics as the Butterick ladies above - I guess it was a case of any colour felt pen you like, as long as it's black (or red).  But this lovely pattern has a cute jacket too - so I needed it :)

A little eBay bargain - which I may have gone a bit lukewarm on!  It might look cute once it's made up....hmmmmm

I think this is quite cute - maybe I'm mistaken - but I'm still hunting down the perfect fabric.  

Coming soon .......I'm awaiting the arrival of something super super cute!  I'll post a piccy when it arrives.  It'll take some resizing but it's going to be worth it.

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