Monday, 8 October 2012

Morrissey Makes Up

I know, he's Marmite - some love him, some don't and some ask that funny old question 'Who is Morrissey?'.  I fall totally and absolutely in the first camp!

I'm jetting to Vegas next month to see him and in a mad moment designed some 50s inspired fabric, featuring my hero, from Spoonflower.  When it arrives it will magic itself into a 50's sundress, with a little help.

However, this cautious girl ordered a sample first so it's ended up as handy make up / clutch bags for me and another, rather fabulous fan, Lyndsey :)  It's in the post to her right now, complete with a cute tag, so I hope she likes.

This was my first time using frames and I found it amazingly easy!  Gutermann glue is definitely the key and seems to bond like a vice. The outer is cotton voile, which is underlined with white cotton and the lining is baby blue satin with a Moz pocket :-

See my little bespoke label - if you're in the UK they are a total bargain from Cash's Labels :)

I used a medium weight wadding to give the bags some substance but because I only wanted them to be quite soft (and they are made of voile) I didn't interface.  However, there's iron on interfacing on the pocket lining, which is made from the blue satin.

And a little tip - lots of tutorials instruct you to leave the turning hole in the bottom seam of the lining.  I used one of the top seams (the bit that goes into the frame) and did a very narrow topstitch to close it.  That way, there's no hand or top stictching visible inside the bag :)

I'm kinda happy with the over the top kitsch of my creations - not everyone's cup of tea but definitely mine :)


  1. Moz Pocket! How fabulous! I'm quite partial to a bit of Moz myself, I'm more into Smiths Moz than solo Moz however...

  2. OMG, Morrisey fabric! Bet your dress is amazing.